2020 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang Australia

Mustang Motorsport's ROUSH Partnership launches 2020 RS3

Mustang Motorsport are the only Authorised ROUSH Vehicle Builder in Australia, producing genuine ROUSH enhanced vehicles under license, and have been named ROUSH “Top 10 Dealer” (worldwide) and “Number 1 International Dealer” 3 years in a row.

For over a decade Mustang Motorsport have been importing and enhancing Mustangs with ROUSH products, testing them to the limit on the street and the track and the new 750hp supercharged ROUSH RS3 continues this relationship bringing the highest quality ROUSH Performance products and Vehicles to the Australian Market.

2020 ROUSh RS3 Mustang

ROUSH are renowned for their supercharging expertise, and the Phase 2 supercharger system featured on the new RS3 continues the proud heritage of producing some of the most exciting, powerful and best performing Mustangs. In fact, the 2020 ROUSH Stage 3 is the most powerful ROUSH Mustang to date. The ROUSH TVS2650 Phase 2 Supercharger boosts the 5.0L V8's output to an amazing 750hp (560kw) and 670lb-ft (908nm) of torque! 2020 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustangs can be equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic transmissions and can be fastback or convertible - and any colour available from Ford! The only requirements are that the base Mustang is an MY20 model and is specified with MagneRide® suspension.

750hp Phase 2 ROUSH Supercharger
750hp Phase 2 ROUSH Supercharger cooling

Along with the Phase 2 supercharger come an array of extra cooling upgrades to keep the RS3 Mustang performing at its peak while producing such a high output. The Powertrain Cooling Package includes an auxiliary engine cooler and supercharger cooling, both hidden behind the front high flow corner pockets. These supplement the new larger low temp radiator, along with differential and transmission cooling systems. This brings the intercooler count on the RS3 to an amazing six!

2020 ROUSH RS3 Mustang
2020 ROUSH RS3 Mustang

The ROUSH R9 Aero Body Kit is as functional as it is attractive, with every aspect designed to enhance the car's performance as well as provide the familiar ROUSH aggressive appearance. High flow grilles and corner pockets, along with the fender and hood heat extractors assist both the engine's breathing and cooling, while the front chin spoiler, rear valance aero foils and rear deckled spoiler keep the car firmly planted to the road or track.

Also new for 2020 are the forged ROUSH Agate Grey 20" wheels wrapped in ultra high-performance tyres. Matched with the custom ROUSH-calibrated MagneRide® suspension, the package provides unparalleled handling and uncompromising grip. Multiple MagenRide® drive modes allow the new RS3 to be subtle on the street and a Supercar on the track & drag strip with a flick of a switch. A BREMBO pad and rotor upgrade is available as an option.

Diamond Stitched Premium Leather Seating
Diamond Stitched Premium Leather Seating

The diamond stitched Premium Leather Seating - for either 'standard' style or RECARO seats - keeps occupants firmly planted while the RS3 goes through its high G-force antics. Billet pedals and a ROUSH red shifter ball (manual) or red performance paddle shifters (auto) allow the driver to extract the most possible from both themselves and the RS3.

Of course, there are also all the expected ROUSH badging and graphics, serialised plaques inside and under the bonnet, toolkit, key fob, supplement owner's guide and much more. The only place to get your very own genuine licensed example of this amazing Mustang in Australia is from Mustang Motorsport. The 2020 ROUSH RS3 is backed by a 5 year/100,000km warranty and has 7 state & territory legal ADR engineering compliance.

Contact the team at Mustang Motorsport today to secure your 2020 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang, or visit mustangmotorsport.com to build and order your ROUSH RS3 online.

Hand-built with exquisite attention to detail and uniquely serialised, the 2020 ROUSH RS3 limited edition Mustang is built by Mustang Motorsport on factory Australian delivered Mustang GTs under licence by ROUSH Performance.

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